Production in Zlatoust

The Agat production methods and machinery remain as they were decades ago.  Some might call it unprogressive. We call it solid foundations!  The future is unpredictable. Nevertheless, Agat will continue to roll out its products as we did in the past, and as we do now.  We will continue to develop new products based on our well-earned legacy. People all over the world now appreciate our traditional stance. Having experienced modern mass produced products, they are now returning to quality, hand made instruments.

You will certainly appreciate our solidly built products, manufactured here in the Urals. We believe in innovation through renovation, and we know that you will appreciate the products we create with this mission in mind.

Stopwatches designed for measuring time in minutes, seconds and fractions of a second, useful for sports competitions, scientific research, and time and motion studies.

JSC “Zlatoust Clock Factory” can manufacture watches bearing your company insignia (logo, photo, dedicatory inscription, etc.).

Manufacturing of screws (length up to 15 mm; a screw thread from M 0,6 up to M 3).

Deposition of galvanic coating (overall dimensions max 200x25x10).

Manufacture of plastic items