Cyrillic notation: 191 ЧС

The original vintage Zlatoustovsky Diver

In the past, almost every USSR Navy diver wore these famous military watches. In the 1950s and 1960s, the Zlatoust factory produced 191-ЧС (ChS) watches for USSR navy divers. The watch is unique. It is one of the biggest wristwatches in the world, with a diameter of 60mm excluding crown and lugs, and it weighs around 250 grams. Production of the single block stainless steel case is a complicated process, but it produces an unbeatable product. In the early days, radioactive material was even used in the luminous dial markers! Production of diving watches in the Zlatoust Watch Factory ceased in the early 1970s, and gradually the watches were withdrawn from professional use, but still, the legend lived on. However, demand creates supply.

The black dial has luminous numbers and hands. The case is closed and sealed with the bezel clamp ring screwing the glass down from the top. The strap is made of rubber and is designed to stick to the surface of the diver’s suit. As the watch is rather heavy, it can be used as an extra weight to help the diver submerge. The movement is a very reliable mechanical hand-wind mechanism composed of a monometallic balance with screws, a Breguet balance spring, brass lever, and cogs. A screw-on canteen cover secured by a chain protects the crown. Each watch bears a serial number on the back. They are waterproof to between 200 and 250 meters.