There are a number of Internet reviews of the Agat 192 ChS Zlatoust Diver’s watch, but they all seem to have been written by people who have only seen photographs of the watch, and not by people who actually wear one daily.

Let’s remedy that situation. I have been wearing the 192 for some time now as my daily wristwatch. I wear it night and day, removing it only to shower, not because it’s not waterproof, but it’s big and chunky, and you can do serious bodily harm trying to wash yourself with a 260g mass of stainless steel strapped to your wrist. Also, should you drop the watch on a hard, tiled floor, the watch will be ok but the floor will need repairing.

Let’s look at the main questions arising from wearing such a big watch. My wrist circumference is just over 20cm, so the watch looks big, but is wearable. I have developed a callous on the back of my hand just below the wrist line from impact by the canteen winder cover. If you don’t allow a callous (pad of hard skin) to develop, then the watch will cause you pain. Once the callous has formed, as long as you have 19cm of wrist circumference or more, then you will mostly forget the watch is on your arm.

Accuracy: mine is losing 8 seconds a day, which is well within factory tolerances. I was expecting to have to adjust the watch more often, so 8 seconds per 24 hours was a pleasant surprise for a manual winder of this type.

Posing value: YES! If you want to be noticed then just wear one of these. People will come up to you just to ask about it. It has serious street cred. I went into a rather exclusive watch shop recently that sells Panerai, IWC, Girard Perregaux, Patek Philippe and others, and the manager and the entire sales staff all came to look and ask about it. I never managed to achieve that effect before, even with a Rolex Submariner.

Strap: functional, comfortable and surprisingly good-looking for something so basic. I changed mine for a nice aviator style open-ended heavy-duty strap, black with contrasting white stitching, and it looked super, but it broke away after two days, so I have resorted to the original strap. The fixed, and very thick lug pins do limit strap choice, but the original is good-looking and very robust, and looks like it will last a long time, even with daily use.

Conclusion: this is a fun watch, but also a serious watch. It keeps good time; it’s incredibly strong and will withstand most use and abuse. Its rugged looks add to its charm, and it has serious poser value, if that’s what you’re looking for. It would also work as an excellent weapon for self-defence, should the need arise! If you have small wrists or delicate skin on the back of your hand, then go for the 193 ChS with the winder at 9 o’clock. If you’re up for the challenge, however, wearing one of these gives a great deal of enjoyment and satisfaction, not to mention some serious street cred. A super collector’s watch, but most of all it’s a watch that jumps up and down and shouts “wear me!” at its owner. It WANTS to be worn.

Paul Crespel
Trade Mark London

The German TV broadcast SAT1 has expressed the theme of “time” using an Agat Stopwatch for advertising their new show “The perfect Minute”. The watch appears in the print campaign as well as the website and of course the TV channel. Interestingly, the previously used stopwatch was more recent model then this time. The fact that Agat now came into play once again shows one more time that Agat is synonymous with stopwatches!

The TV show: In ten games the couples of candidates are able to win up to 250,000 €. After the announcement of each task they decide who of them two should accept the challenge. For each game, participants have exactly one minute. Will they not succeed to solve the task within the specified time window, one life is lost. The game must be repeated. Each couple has a total of three lives.

Der TV-Sender SAT1 hat in einer neuen Kampagne das Thema “Zeit” mit einer Agat Stoppuhr zum Ausdruck gebracht. Die Uhr taucht in der Kampagne und der Webseite auf. Interessanterweise wurde früher eine andere, modernere Stoppuhr verwendet. Das nun Agat zum Zuge kam zeigt wieder einmal mehr das eine Agat als Synonym für Stoppuhren steht!

Die TV-Show: In zehn Spielen können die Kandidaten-Paare bis zu 250.000 Euro gewinnen. Nach der Verkündung jeder Aufgabe entscheiden sie, wer die Herausforderung annehmen soll. Für jedes Spiel haben die Teilnehmer genau eine Minute. Gelingt es in der vorgegebenen Zeit nicht, die Aufgabe zu lösen, geht ein Leben verloren. Das Spiel darf wiederholt werden. Insgesamt hat jedes Paar drei Leben.

The “сделано в СССР” on the dial leaves no room to conclude where this stopwatch emerged from.

Used in a mailing from Symantec in 2009.

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